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Image of Royal Times Newspaper Volume III

Royal Times Newspaper Volume III

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Collectors edition of Royal Times Newspaper Volume III. Comes hand numbered.
Super limited stock.

Pressed in 2017.

To celebrate the new 2020 newspaper that will be released soon
Need a creative outlet to start the year off right? Submit artwork, poetry, etc. to for a chance to be featured in @palayeroyale upcoming @thebastardtimes newspaper. • The Bastards are pleased to announce the return of The Royal Times. This world has spent far too long being consumed by the unrealistic standards and expectations of society. The 20s is our time to step away from all of this superficiality and explore the metaphysical world inside each of our consciousness’. The revival of the Royal Times is an experiment in enlightenment. Each issue will feature poetry, art, puzzles and philosophy from the minds of Emerson Barrett and @emeryelizabeth__ . Palaye Royale has always valued the idea of chosen family, and with this in mind we would like to invite all Soldiers of the Royal Council to submit your own art, writing, photography, etc. to the paper. Step away from reality for a while and venture with us into the world of the Bastards. From the Obsidian Archives, we proudly present THE BASTARD T

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