The Bastards Tarot Card Deluxe Set 2.0

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The Bastards Tarot Card Deluxe Set 2.0

The Bastards Tarot Cards 2.0
New, darker packaging featuring a lightweight card box for easy organization!
This 2.0 Deluxe set of tarot cards features beautiful gold foil reflective print around all sides.

For six months @emersonbarrett and the very talented soldier @emeryelizabeth__ have been vandalizing, adding, changing and revolutionizing the Tarot Card Deck. Altering the existing 78 cards, they decided to go even further into their artistic endeavor and completely reimagine the original deck, adding 40+ new ideas for cards. Through working together it was clear the artistic chemistry and passion for creating was matched infinitely. We are very excited to share this art piece with everyone. There are endless clues, ciphers, hints, song titles from ‘The Bastards’, poetry, lyrics, philosophy, Latin, some symbols from the secret alphabet, and endless art.
Love the void x 747
Two Options Are Available -

1 x Bastards Tarot Card Set 2.0 - 124 Cards!

1 x Bastards Tarot Card Set 2.0 - 124 Cards
1 x Palaye Royale Tote Bag
1 x Palaye Royale Sticker Set (set of 3 stickers)


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